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The Ultimate Musicians Collaboration Network

Join musicians of all levels<br>in more than 120 countries!
Join musicians of all levels
in more than 120 countries!
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Why join our website?
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T ake your music skills to the next level. Join some of the top musicians in the world, take video lessons online, share knowledge, music, videos, events, photos, forums, blogs & more! Only at MyMusicTalk, the Social Network for musicians that care!

Drums & Percussion

Join thousands of drummers & percussionists around the world now!

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Piano & Keyboards

Join thousands of pianists & keyboardists around the world now!

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DJ, Sound & Recording

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Who We AreWe Are Passionate About People, Music & Technology

MyMusicTalk Corporation was founded by Melvin Llord in February, 2011. After creating, the first ever Social Network for Saxophone players, he realized the need for musicians to have a community on which they could spend their time productively but still being fun & social. After the immediate acceptance by the saxophonists community, Mr. Llord founded MyMusicTalk Corporation.
In February 2011, Mr. Llord partnered up with professional pianist Samuel Gali to develop a social network for pianists & keyboardists that in less than 3 months had members from over 50 different countries. After March of the same year,  Mr. Llord continued developing communities for Guitar, Bass, Drums, DJ & Sound, Brasswind & Singers, all managed by a great team of professionals & experienced musicians. All of our websites are federated, allowing musicians to interact across all websites.

Facts About Us

  • Over 100 years of combined music experience
  • We are friendly, awesome and creative
  • We are extremely passionate about music!
  • We are the most productive network in the world
  • Working for mymusictalk is the best job in the world
  • We always strive for helping musicians!

Our Expertise

Social Media
Pro Audio

Meet The TeamWithout them, we're nothing

Melvin Quiñones
Melvin QuiñonesCEO & Founder
Saxophonist, Recording Engineer & IT Professional.
Samuel Gali
Samuel GaliPiano & Keyboards Admin
One of­ the most respected ­Latin Pianist of hi­s new generation.
Elvis Bruno
Elvis BrunoDrums & Percussion Admin
Has been a drummer for over 20 years.
Paul Bruno
Paul BrunoDJ & Pro Sound Admin
Percussionist & graduated from Sound Engineering in 2013.
Ricky Santiago
Ricky SantiagoWoodwind & Brasswind Admin
Pilot for the US Coast Guard & saxophone student.
Ezra Carias
Ezra CariasBass Admin
Earned a degree in Bass & Jazz performance from FUI. 

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